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Great landscaping services is what makes your home look alluring and welcoming to you as well as your guests. When you have a lawn that is absolutely scenic and delightful, you can enjoy every bit of being outside, just chilling or hanging around. Peninsula Landscaping offers you our brilliant landscaping services to beautify your lawns, yards and entrances. Whether you want an irrigation system installed, or you want your lawn to be landscaped in a stunning way, we can do it all for you. We offer residential landscaping services in Half Moon Bay, California.

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Irrigation Services &  Installation

Watering your lawn by yourself is great; however it does not supply water evenly. To solve that, you can get an irrigation system installed in your lawn. No matter how big or small your lawn is irrigation installation is something that will always come in handy. Peninsula Landscaping offers you irrigation installation so you can say goodbye to all your lawn-watering worries.

Having an irrigation system installed by Peninsula Landscaping means you can be assured that all of your lawn, trees, flowers, herbs and shrubs are getting adequate amount of water. Our landscaping experts will get the irrigation installation done in no time. This irrigation system will automatically feed water to all your plants and thus nourish your lawn with abundant water. It also saves you money on your water bill as irrigation systems require less water than hand-watering.

Also, you don’t have to worry about your plants dying out or having patchy grass. Our irrigation system is installed in such a way that it distributes water evenly to your lawn. It looks neat and tidy, since it is completely underground, and friendly on the pocket so you do not have to worry about spending big dollars.

Repair Your
Irrigation System

An irrigation system is indeed beneficial for you, however sometimes unwanted problems arise in the irrigation installation.

During such times, Peninsula Landscaping is at your rescue. We are experts in irrigation repair so no matter what your problem is our experts will always have a solution for it.

Having an irrigation system that is effective is quite important. Otherwise you will be wasting your water and just increasing the bills. When your irrigation system works well, it sufficiently provides water to all your lawn thus it is an Eco-friendly way to use water rather than using manual sprinklers that waste water. Our irrigation repair experts assess your irrigation system to find out the problem and then fix the damages and ensure that your irrigation system is functioning effectively.

With us you can be assured that all your irrigation repair worries are at bay. Our skilled professionals are in the business for quite a while and have a good experience in residential landscaping, thus you can trust us with irrigation repair and other tasks related to your irrigation system. Our professionals will ensure that your irrigation installation and irrigation repair is carried out efficiently so that your lawn gets water and stays green and lively always.

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Irrigation Services
Irrigation Services
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